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John Wilkinson was written up in New York Magazine as one of the best lawyers in New York, New Jersey and Connecticut in international arbitration. He is a member of the arbitration panels of the International Centre for Dispute Resolution (AAA); the International Panel of Distinguished Neutrals of the CPR Institute for Conflict Prevention and Resolution, 2021, as well as the panels of the Hong Kong International Arbitration Centre and the Kuala Lumpur Regional Centre for Arbitration. He is a member of the International Arbitration Club of New York and is co-author of the NY State Bar Ass’n’s Guidelines for the Arbitrator’s Conduct of the Pre-Hearing Phase of International Arbitrations (Nov. 2010). He has served on the board of the New York International Arbitration Center (2013-15). Also: (i) he is a Special Master, N.Y. Appellate Division, First Department; and (ii) he was recently recognized by Best Lawyers in the field of international arbitration (2021). He has served as arbitrator (often as chair) or mediator in hundreds of international commercial cases, including the following representative matters:

  • Multi-billion dispute arising from a joint venture to construct a submarine fiber optic network around South America.

  • A disputed claim under a political risk insurance policy based on the demise of a large power plant project in Inner Mongolia.

  • Alleged breach of a contract to generate and supply power in Guyana.

  • Responsibility for crash of a commercial satellite rocket in the Ukraine.

  • Claim that certain Chinese corporations had breached a substantial contract to manufacture and sell large numbers of cordless telephones to Claimant.

  • Alleged breach of a contract with a Japanese manufacturer of graphic arts foil for exclusive distribution of the foil in the U.S. and Canada.

  • Dispute as to whether an exclusive distributor of certain products in Belgium had been provided sufficient notice of its non-renewal.

  • Claims of various breaches arising from a venture to establish and operate a cellular telephone system in the Republic of Kyrgyzstan.

  • Various alleged breaches arising from a joint venture to acquire licenses to operate as a carrier of wireless communications services in the Carribean.

  • Claim by a financial advisor to oil and gas exploration and development companies for monies due for advice to a company developing oil fields in Kazakhstan.

  • Alleged breach of contract to deliver 3,000 metric tons of paraxylene from China.

  • Claims by a Taiwanese manufacturer of telecommunications equipment for nonpayment of substantial invoices.

  • Various alleged breaches of a joint venture to run a fiber optic telecommunications network from Moscow to Khabarovsk.

  • Issues as to coverage under a policy insuring against losses from trade financing or forfaiting in Brazil.

  • Alleged breach of a joint venture to develop the port of Puerto Cabezas and its surrounding facilities in Nicaragua.

  • Claims by Mexican franchisees of a major food chain that the franchisor had failed to provide the support to which the parties had agreed.

  • Dispute as to who was responsible for expiration of a major Japanese patent.

  • Claimed breach of an agreement which gave Respondent the exclusive right to sell a certain brand of motor vehicles in the Peoples Republic of China, including the territories of Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwan.

  • Claim by a major fast food franchisor that its master franchisee in Austria had underperformed and should therefore be terminated.

  • Alleged breach of a joint venture to manufacture and sell pickup trucks in South America.

  • Asserted breach of a contract for the foreign manufacture and delivery of 500 rapid transit cars.

  • Claimed breach of a contract to sell 20,000 metric tons of scrap steel to be loaded in St. Petersburg, Russia and delivered to Venice, Italy.

  • Claims arising from the crash of a commercial helicopter in the Gulf of Finland, several miles off the Estonian coast.

  • Alleged breach of an exclusive agreement to provide trader based financing in connection with purchases of steel pipe from producers and trading houses in Brazil, Venezuela and Russia.

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John Wilkinson, arbitrator and mediator, has served in hundreds of domestic and international cases in the past 25 years.