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Mr. Wilkinson is a Fellow of the College of Commercial Arbitrators and has served on its board of directors. He has for years been an instructor of arbitrators. He is past Chair of the New York State Bar Association’s Dispute Resolution Section and has served as Co-Chair of the Section's Arbitration Committee. He also has served as Vice-Chair of the Arbitration Committee of the ABA’s Dispute Resolution Section. He has served as arbitrator (often as chair) in hundreds of commercial disputes, some examples of which are set forth below.

  • Claim of fraudulent inducement in connection with a joint venture to develop synthetic fuels which would qualify for substantial tax benefits.

  • Dispute over who was the rightful owner of Israel’s leading English daily newspaper, the Jerusalem Post.

  • Disputed claim under a political risk insurance policy based on the demise of a large power plant project in Inner Mongolia.

  • Alleged breach of a joint agreement to develop the port of Puerto Cabezas and its surrounding facilities in Nicaragua.

  • Alleged breaches of a joint venture to run a fiber optic telecommunications network from Moscow to Khabarovsk.

  • Claims concerning royalty rights arising from a promising new treatment for type 1 diabetes.

  • Civil Rico claim against an entity which provessed to be able to procure investors for troubled companies.

  • Claim of an alleged Ponzi Scheme related to a project to franchise funeral homes.

  • Claim that a member of the U.S. Olympic Equestrian team was responsible for illegal substance in a horse she had trained and was, therefore, ineligible to participate in the Olympics.

  • Claims by the limited partners of a major league baseball team asserting, among other things, that the general partner had not made a good faith effort to obtain a new stadium and to keep the team in the city where it had originated.

  • Alleged breach of a joint venture agreement related to the construction and implementation of a large electric power plant in the UK.

  • Claims related to the ouster of the Chairman of an accounting firm based on alleged poor performance and malfeasance.

  • Class action by customers of a chain of banks alleging that the banks falsely advertised totally free checking.

  • Valuation of a New York City office building, a fleet of ships, a corporation and a portion of a regional shopping mall.

  • Determinations as to whether the FCC’s Conditions of Merger had been satisfied in connection with the SBC/Ameritech merger.

  • Responsibility for the crash of a commercial satellite rocket in the Ukraine.

  • Twenty billion dollar dispute arising from a project to construct a submarine fiber optic network around South America.

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